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Everyday I check the mail, and I really don’t have high expectations. I get the standard influx of bills, refinance offers, junk and the like, but a few days ago, it was different.  There was a small, padded envelope waiting for me, from an unfamiliar name.  When I opened this little delight, I found three silicone molds inside.  Halloween cameos for fondant, icing or chocolate.  Really the possibilities were already flowing through my head.

Silicone Halloween Cameo Molds
Silicone Halloween Cameo Molds

These were a present from Suzy Q, knowing my love for the holiday, she sent them to me so that I could play and add to my cookie repertoire.  I’ll admit, I’m unfamiliar in working in fondant, but chocolate, we are fast friends.  So keep an eye out for an update to this post, in stages of making the molds with step by step photos and of the actual application onto cookies.

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