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It’s that time of year again where there are hearts and flowers, red, pink and white all over every store enticing folks to get a little something for their sweetheart.  With this in mind, Suzy Q and I decided to whip up some Valentine’s Day cookies as a preview.  We stuck with a simple color scheme of red, white and pinks.  Using our standard Sugar Cookie Recipe we opted to add a little bit of red food coloring to give the vanilla cookies a pink hue.  Now if you know me, you know that I love chocolate, the richer the better.  While our recipe is pretty great for a sugar cookie, I wanted to try this amazing brownie cookie that Suzy Q made for me many years ago.  It is so dense and rich in flavor, it did not disappoint and was exactly as I remembered.  Don’t worry I will post that recipe soon with some tips and tricks for the dough, as it holds it’s shape better than most chocolate cookies.  We also added some fun critters in the mix too. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day cookies platter
Large Valentine’s Day cookies platter
Small Valentine's Day cookie platter
Small Valentine’s Day cookie platter
Lips and conversation heart cookies
Lips and conversation heart cookies

I’m a huge lover of owls and Suzy Q tried her hand at a hedgehog, isn’t she fun?

Valentine's Day animal cookies
Valentine’s Day animal cookies
Hugs and kisses cookies, x's and o's
Hugs and kisses cookies, x’s and o’s
Valentine's Day key cookies
Valentine’s Day key cookies

These large hearts are over 4″ wide and are great for a cookie to be the focal point of your platter; however, it is very difficult to get the centers cooked and the edges not burnt.  What we opted to do is use a small cutter to take out the dough in the middle and that helped the cookie bake evenly without any burnt edges.  The cookie on the bottom that looks whole, is actually a brownie cookie with a vanilla heart put in the center after they had both cooked and cooled.  This allowed for the visual of a solid cookie and a little added flavor in the taste.

Large Valentine's hearts with cutouts
Large Valentine’s hearts with cutouts
Dual hearts Valentine's cookies
Dual hearts Valentine’s cookies
Valentine cupcake and ice cream cone cookies
Valentine cupcake and ice cream cone cookies
Large Valentine's Day plaque cookies
Large Valentine’s Day plaque cookies
Conversation hearts cookies
Conversation hearts cookies

And because we know not everyone is a fan of February 14th, Suzy Q made a “Bite Me” cookie.  We have a few ideas for Anti-Valentine’s platters, stay tuned!

Anti Valentine's Day cookies
Anti Valentine’s Day cookies

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