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Cutters. Must Buy All The Cookie Cutters!!!!

When I realized that making cookies was something that I wanted to do, I started to purchase supplies and items I knew I would need.  I bought the usual bags, tips, colors, extra ingredients, bottles, tons of sprinkles, sugars, non-perils, etc., but that’s not where I concentrated my efforts.  No, for me, it was cookie cutters.  They became an addiction.  I must buy all the cookie cutters! Why wait for a web order to be delivered when I could drive to EVERY store within a 50-mile radius of my house that might have a cutter I didn’t?

Cookie cutter wall
Wall of cookie cutters

Oh, there’s a craft store on my way home from work?  Better stop and check.  Out for a date night with the hubby and see a store?  Gotta check.  Picking up my daughter from school and there’s a store 10 miles further out from her school that is 30 minutes away, and I see a major accident on the home bound side of the highway? Why not use that traffic build up as a reason to go visit nearly a dozen stores looking for cutters?  Been to that store 3 days ago? I’m sure they’ve gotten a new shipment of something.

By the time I was a month into it, I had amassed quite the collection of nearly 200 cutters.  I started an inventory so I wouldn’t double up.  Why?  Because I already had triplicates or more of so many.  It was like a bad addiction and I couldn’t stop.  I swear I could smell bent metal miles away.

You would think that once I had a sizable inventory of large cutters in every possible shape, I would stop, right? Oh no, that would be logical and normal. No, my insane self was now on the hunt for mini cutters, visiting every store again.  It got so bad that there were stores that knew me, knew what I was looking for and would tell me when I walked in the door “no new cutters.”  Really?  Are you sure?  I would walk back to the area where they were stocked, certain that I was going to strike gold.  Nothing.  Not one.  No new cutters, or sugars or sprinkles.  Why?  WHY?!  How could you deny me? I was sad, let down and defeated (pretty dramatic, huh?).  So I took to the web, I guess I will have to wait to have them shipped.

Mini cookie cutters
Mini cookie cutters

Now I want you to know that both Suzy Q and I have been a fan of Sweet Sugar Belle for some time.  Most of my page visits had been looking at her cookie tutorials and tips (because she is super awesome, so check her out), until I happened upon her Shape Shifter Cookie Decorating Set.  She uses 20 cutters for 40 designs.  Wha, Wha, What?!   Say it ain’t so.  I looked, and studied and looked again.  Ok, this could work.

I laid out my cutters, started studying my shapes and I started finding new designs that could be made out of an upside down snowman or a turkey.  Back to the inventory, to now list out what my standard cutters could double as.  I haven’t stopped looking for cutters, every new season or holiday brings new inventory into the stores and I can’t help myself.  I may stop when I hit 1000, but I probably won’t.  It’s a bad habit that I just keep feeding.

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